Welcome to the world of Beauty

G&M Beauty & Barber is one of the islands oldest and most respected beauty establishments. For over 35 years G&M Beauty and Barber staff have provided legendary service to many people island wide. The staff of 12 features a mixture from the old to the young gifted, with a blend of modern design flair and old fashioned hair & scalp care.

G&M is best known for making sure their clients get the quality service that they require in the time frame to fit their busy schedules. With service by appointment your lunch hour will not run over its scheduled time.

G&M is now located on the corner of Victoria & Court Street and has been at its new spacious facility for 9 years. The additional room at the new facility features space for a massage room and the addition of a barber to G&M's staff. 

Make the decision to try G&M. Call now for a free consultation and you will also save 25% off of your first appointment.  See for yourself why G&M has the most loyal customers on the island, you will not be disappointed.